Blowjob needed?

Awright guys, I know I haven’t been active and this blog is probably on ice like vanilla.. Buuuttt I had the chance to come to a realization of something, obviosly not many ones does. Well, I have a few good friends and I have watched a hundred billion pornos yet in my life I guess and with a mix of these wo thing.. guys I want to bring you a gift. If Bitches would follow this fucked up blog (thanks earnest.. or whatever), tthis would be a gift as big as none before ^^

To get to the point, I know everyone in the world who’s sexlife is important for himselves, care about the perfect blowjob. I know.. it depents, because everyone likes different things but to make this instruction as general and still as good as possible I had help of a very critical person, when it comes to his penis. With out bousting, I got a lot good feedback for my blowjobs already but in the same moment I heard what all the girls are doing wrong down there.. It’s too bad but let’s face it, no one of us has a dick so if nobody really tells us what to do, how shall we know. It’s a pleasure..

But first of all let’s see this from our side: A very important point for me at least is the position in that you give a blowjob. Most of us probably decide for kneeing in front of him while he lays on his back. That’s the most famous one I guess.. a big problem here is that often in this situation you are naked and tits simply doesn’t look good in that position.. It’s a fact. Gravity is a Bitch! The pitty is, I mention that but I don’t really have a solution. Of corse you could try to keep your bra on but I see some guys might want to take them of and even if not.. it’s no perfect. Then you could blow with the blanket over you but I guess that only really works when you surprise him with a good-morning-blowjob ( by the way girls, do that!! trust in yourselves, he’ll love it! especially when you’re done with the whole lection). If that are all no options you would have to switch the position.It would seem to do sixty-nine or while he’s standing, but if you want to give the perfect blowjob this is all not ideal because when he’s sanding it’ll be probably half as good because standing is shit ^^ and sixty-nine is wonderful but when he sucks your pussy as good as you want to blow his dick, you might hardly concentrate.. I award you! So here is a proposal from me (I just guess, if you read until here, you didn’t already give the best blowjob ever), surprise him with a good-morning-blowjob under the blanket at the next possibility and after that, he’ll hopefully love you as much that he doesn’t care about your tits not looking good in any siuation of life.. ( I’m saying tits because, breast that doesn’t look weird then is either made by Dr. Sheraknian or isn’t big enough to look like shit sometime.. but that’s okay)

Let’s get to the point. I already said, a good and critical friend of mine gave me a very detailed description of what is awesome und what is totally false. To be honest, I didn’t know all of that yet.. Cmon don’t judge me, you want to know this shit as well, everyone does!! Soo, I went to the bother of outling this comprehensive depiction to a lucid “What-to-do” and “What-not-to-do” List. Here we go:


XXX You want to open your mouth enough and take the penis deep in


XXX Do not only lick the glans all the time, it’s nice but after a while it gets inconvenient


XXX Meanwhile you basically have to move your hand all the time, shall go at least to under the glans (do his gyrating, circling handmove, sometime)


XXX Move your hand away from the glans! and do no only fidget about the skin (typical greenhorn mistake)


XXX Licking and softly sucking on the eggs is whished!!!


XXX Do not suck it to strong into your mouth (this obviosly feels very inpleasant to painful as I heard ^^)


XXX Quick darting and sucking on the frenulum feels very good 😉

XXX Very good point, you have to remember in any sexual activity, he wants to have the feeling that you don’t want any other than only sucking his dick now! (But don’t overdo it, you don’t wan to make porn. Stay real)

(By the way try to look him in the eyes sometimes but make it look like you do it because you want to see his face and not because you want to be a puppy that is ready for his nom noms)

XXX Special Hint: If he comes in your mouth, let it run out of it a little bit and when he’s done you soak it back in and take it like a man.. you know what I mean)

Special mentioned aspect: Licking up the dick (like often seen in porns), does not really matter (by feeling). It only looks good and it might help you keep it wet. So if you do it or not depents on if the guy rather likes this porn bitch stuff or not.

Another thing: A few guys might be crazy about nipple sucking as I heard ^^ The one guy told me that he likes i when she darts around his nipple very soft and the way that he sees her tounge. If you give him a handjob in the same time he (quotation) “splatters the blue out of the sky for you”.

(I’m really not sure if the last point holds for other guys)

To finish that topic for today I want to say that all this information came from a guy who wants to be involved and remunerated if this shit ever brings money (haha). If not and I’m only talking bullshit.. It’s all his fout!

But to be serios, all this basically fits with what I heard piece by piece before I got this detailed description. So let’s go try it out !

(About the spunk stuff, If you’re not sure about it, you can train it with yoghurt and anything with the shape of a penis)

(I’m doing to many clings)

Hope you’ll enjoy it (guys)

again.. It’s a pleasure 🙂

Yours faithfully

Jewlz (dirtyjules)

Sexual weekness..

Something veeery bad has happened! I started thinking more about my current situation. I watched documentations, read book, signed in some forums and finally there is something which confirms me in my apprehension. I had sex with my best friend. Position doesn’t look to bad yet, right? The worst thing about this is that he slept with my best girlfriend in the world. When he and me became friends I promised her never to fuck with him because we both think that would be weird ^^

I thought about the source of me and him having sex. Well, we were drunk but that’s no excuse because I was still present. We wanted to chill at mine after having a party. Just best freinds stuff like watching a movie and eating popcorn all night but suddelny when we were cuddeling and we were both feeling it, I know. I just couldn’t hold it back. My mind was out of service and it was like a requirement in this position, not like something I ‘always wanted’. I knew when we were done I would just feel satisfied. For him it wasn’t any weird and basically it was already clear to me that I could always have him if I wanted, but I never thought to be a person who does it and who has no control or didn’t want to have control.

Between us everything is cool but I have reason to consider if I have a real problem, because this starts to affect my social environment and that’s my world! I am able to forget what happened but since this is, I suddenly feel unsure about my whole mind. When I’m with my dealer I think about what it would be like to fuck with him. When my teacher talks to me I can only think about enticing him. When my crush writes me in whatsapp I superior if we can have sex in a wallcloset at our wedding. Even if my cousin comes around on holiday I only think of fucking with him at the beach and in the water. Before this adventure with me and my best friend, this was totally normal to me and I never saw any pattern in my thoughts. But now I wonder if I could make all this true and where my perosnal border line is.

I’m okay about having sex with girls, try somethings I might not even want, obviosly also fucking someone who I defentely shouldn’t and now I wonder if I’m really bisexual, openhaerted and easy a, when I’m drunk or if I’m only.. only.. only addicted?? Do I really have a problem. I am scared to hurt the poeple I love and I wonder what I will be able to do. Will I ever pay for it? Will I end up as a stripper, or a whore? Will I lose my family.

But maybe I am only having a problem with it, because my moral mind tells me. Maybe all this is still okay and I’m still okay. My behavior might be far away from normal but I still think that the media and our feigned reality tells us that this is wrong. I have the feeling no one is honest to me and no one really tells me what’s on their dirtiest mind. If you read this you have the total comparison and you can tell if you feel the same and if you also have this weird mind sometimes.

I’m just gonna read some blogs to find this out. To find if I’m the only one, if this is still normal. If they already call their selves sex addicts if they’re as weird as me. My mind has never been so confused and I have never trusted myself as less as now and I never needed an answer so urgently..

In desperate.. Jules

Addicted ??

The big big topic.. addiction! In this post I’d like to bore you with some facts from experts, tell you about my own perveice and experience. I think this is such a big topic because it’s hardly interpreted and maybe even you and me we can identify with some of these evidences and questions.

Soo, I know many people and many experts used to distinguish between the addictions to a substance and to just something you used to do, like video games, means something you can’t conrtol. Well, I don’t. To me addiction is addiction and I know it’s hard to define but it’s always something your body and your mind require. Addicts always feel the need to get whatever they’re addticted to, for example drugs, alcohol, sex or even food or cigarettes. They have trouble to control it and from time to time they will need to have more of it.

That does all not sound to hard, but just think about the backround. Many friends and many people, I would say almost everyone is addicted to anything. Most ones may chose the cigarettes, who doesn’t see anyone smoking a day? But isn’t that so terrible if this controls your mind and your lifestyle. Your addiction might be a part of you but it also accounts you. It sounds so low if anyone tells you like they’re avid to music for example, but doesnt it take the uppper hand in some kind of way? Let’s take the smartphone for example. It’s the new movement and everyone has it, it’s so easy and simple and you feel reachable and free with it, but isn’t using it locking us up in this way? We can’t be free without being free through our technical possiblities. It’s so evil that we’re free to do and to try what ever we want but exactly following this healthy principle will make us be imprisoned and sick.

Let us digress a little from all this to tell you about my own experience because it might be far away from this topic. As you already know, I am a teenager with a very suffused sexlife and that’s what I want beyond to. Since I am able to think I always need to call everything into question. I start to think something apart so in the end I have a deconstruction of thoughts and suddenly all the things seem unreal and fictional. That might be why I need to absorb the world and my whole life. That might be why I started fucking around so much. Something’s only there for me if I can see it with my eyes and touch it with my hands and to me that’s the reason I have this tion anxiety and the constantly desire of change from ‘partners’. When I noticed these features at myself, I started analyse and paraphrase it and I reached to the result that I might be a nymph or maybe a kind of this appellation. It’s a special kind of a sex addiction, where the addiction per se is not in the foreground but more the reasons for it, like I already said the scare of relationship and commitment. It’s all very fictional and unsure, so I don’t care about it so much because I don’t think that I’m having too much sex or sexual matches as long as I don’t feel like shit in the end.

You see I’m trying a loaaad of things in my youth and I don’t know to stop this ever. I’ve been smoking cigarettes, weed had tried every special kind of sexual experience that exists, spent days on the computer playing video games, I even once took pills at a normal wednesday afternoon with my best girlfriend and we ran around the whole subway laughing and kidding the people to end up sleeping on the cold ground our skateboards in our arms and I’m still alive and happy about every experience because I can clearly say it happened. Some of the things I did weren’t healthy, smart or mature but I feel free with every part of my body and soul and as long as I can feel myself so close I won’t stop doing shit. To everyone who does feel ill and retarded in their lifestyle because of doing those things and losing the control of their own body and mind, I wish them to get happy and free again without these virtues.

I am naughty, I am rude and I’m unhealthy but I don’t feel sick – happily!


Dirty dirty sex!

Yeah it’s right, i got my sexlife back. Dunno if you ever had 6 times and around 10 orgasms in like 8 hours. Dominik and me, we are soo enjoying each other and it’s wonderful to love someone you love, aaaand because I didn’t tell him about my feelings yet, it is so relaxed with us popping around. There is no caution to say what you want. From the morning over afternoon until evening we’re switching from position to position. I’m on top, he’s on top, from behind or from sides.. the normal stuff but in between this we’re changing to prelude or going showering and meanwhile we’re golden showering.. you have no overview if you’re starting or endling up with having sex and no matter what the next 5 minutes you’ll have again.

It’s so free and uncomplicated and even personal, I’m not self-effacing or cautious in any way but it’s awesome when you can talk so openhaerted about sex in the presence of someone you’re doing it with. We are trying things you are never ever able to do with any one night stand. I’m for example telling that I try my own vagina smegma everytime before sex and I’m forcing him to taste his own sperm otherwise I wouldn’t do *o* everything just for fun of corse but he did, lol.

From every side you here that it’s so complicated, to have sex with friends and that anyone will get hurt and shit but right now it’s so realxing and we’re so personal with each other, you feel that it’s not only sex and that’s defenetly from both of us. We always get shaped in this position of relationship and love from our friends in public. He doesn’t feel coerced through that because I’m not giving him the feeling and I think in a weird way that might be a problem. In the beginning I was really acting just like a buddies and yeee I’m still but I always told that relationship and love stuff is totally not my shit and to me it feels like he’s hot at me but he’s also in love and he wants to show me that he’s able to do the casual sex way.

But we’re also making intimations when we’re alone. The last time when he was at mine for exaple he incidentally said that you will also need a little love and that sex is not everything and longer before that he told that his friends, means the boys from the group think that he fell for me and he addet that they don’t know and he’s the only one in the world who knows about this fact. Would he say this if there is not a little thing than fucking?

It’s holiday, it’s cold outside and I don’t care how fast we’re down to say what we feel but right now I’m enjoying my life so much and I have no interest in breaking all this by telling a tasteless lovestory because this is defenetly not off my business. It will really really laid-back and up with us too being mates and lovers. Actually I never note the point at having sex in a relationship in deed yet. I dunno if this really feels like being an actual couple but to me it could stay like this forever, bause it’s less pressure and you can fuck like aaaalways if you’re down to in the moment, so different than having casual sex. I never thought that having less pressure and come by love and emotion is possible but for us two it works..

Very important point, to me the perfect deduction.

Too bad I’m so good


So here is the continuation from my Haert shit post.

The evening I posted it, I was up to have a sleepover at his, like we do almost every weekend. But this time I wanted to flash this guy as shit! I put my sexiest underwear on and I had a masterplan to do it. I tought, when he leaves the room, I’m gonna take my clothes off, have a hot pose and then I’m gonna give him the best sex he ever had.. Bullshit! You won’t believe when I tell you, before I could start playing this game, he became sick as fuck. But in some weird crazy way it wasn’t such a big problem ( to me at least ^^). We cuddled all night and I consoled him all the time. I was a complete angel and I enjoyed it and I think so did he.. The next morning when he felt a little better I suggested what he missed, means what my plan were for the night. He got the clue and he got totally infuriated. Especially because I am staving this off for so long yet.. Bad me *o*

Next weekend! My best friend is on holiday now and Heyden feels lonely so we decided to have a go out with the group. Heyden is by the way the best friend of the boy this is mainly all about, his name is Dominik. I don’t know them all too long yet but I like them very much and I think so do they. So we were having a lot fun this evening and ‘because’ we were partying in the city, Dominik lives in we thought it was ‘advantageous’ when I sleep at his. All night when we were out I noticed he couldn’t wait to finally take me home and he really hoped that it would happen what I pledged him last time..

To the details: In the morning i got my menstruation and i felt so fucking kidded. Like seriosly the universe wanted to stop me and him having sex. Well I didn’t care any further about it this day but when we came home in the night we were so drunk and horny that we fell over each other and when I told him what’s the point he looked totally depressed. I waited for reaction and then he said ‘I’m a good pirat’. I was relieved when he said that so we took a towel and kept doing what ever we wanted since 10 sleepovers..

When I came back from the bathroom I sat on him and took my shirt and my bra off, we were kissing and touching and I put his hands on my breast (He loves boobs). The rest of the night is very blurred.. I remember that we literally tear each others clothes off and I gave him a little blowjob and he licked me, usual simple prelude stuff. I still know that we were so willing for it, we just couldn’t wait to get to the point and I recollect taht it was great!

We were both just so happy that it finally happened, even though I had my period and we were drunk as fuck it was awesome and I think it was because I never ever had sex with a person that I fell for before and it’s such a big difference. It’s not only sex then, I mean having casual sex is still not bad and even important to me but this was an experience worth it and I can’t wait until we’re finally able to face it at all.

The next day we had hangover breakfast with the group and they were openminded as always talking about it. I like this, all the times I slept at his or he slept at mine, the next morning Heyden phone rings Dominik and simply asks Yes or No? and this time he could ultimately say YES! and Heyden was so happy for his best friend and we were all giving high-fives. Very comfortable and relaxed with them.

Basically I wasn’t up to get so deep in this topic but now I’m only thinking about how this will go on and what he wants for us. I’m gonna get this boy, no matter what comes. I want him so much, I never wanted anyone and I feel happy when I’m close to him.

Weird feelings !!

Girls, Boys or Both??

When you’re young, you sometimes wonder what you’re up to, what your sexuality is about and what you are allowed to do .. I want to explain what my idea about all this is and what’s on my mind about that (no)problem !

In conservative environment I often hear that people think being be-sexual is not possible at all. Here is my statement: I defenetly think that be-sexuality exsists and I interpret it like this, if you’re able to fall in love with any person where the sex or the gender doesn’t matter and it only depends on their whatever, looking-like, personality, lifestyle or anything if you feel attracted to this person, to me you are be-sexual. By the way that’s what I am ..

But there are also some kids who only want to gather experience. To me that’s so important. I absolutely recommend this, even though you basically know that you’re straight or gay, you can’t defenetly say you are, until you didn’t try everything. The commercial opinion will say that you know it, when you start to evolve yourself in your adolscence, but I’m sure that you’re baised by the media and by the social community so it’s hard to shape your own development without being hypnotized in all the time that you process and try to develop yourself and to find your own movement.

Especialy family and social backrounds are reasons for congenital mindfuck. Before you’re able to make experience, you need to be prejudiced and to free yourself from all false detections you learn daily in life. People call each other faggots as a normal appellation or a curse word, being gay is mostly ment as a designation for something bad. They don’t think about it when they call something gay.. It’s offensive and insulting, it’s not even only normal or daily.. it’s a fucking discrimination about people having a sexuality like you and me, aren’t they allowed to? Yes they are, and that are some points, which to me are reasons for boys and girls not even thinking about any other than being straight from the time at their birth.Acceptance is not such a big topic in our modern time I think. I have not ever had a problem with being gay, maybe because I’m female but also the boys seem to have no problem to come-out and if they don’t trust in doing it, to me it’s their own fault, even if I knew my family had a problem with it I couldn’t ever lie to them and lie to myself.. all that is much worse than being ejected. Always be honest with yourself!

And I can’t change, even if I try, even if I wanted to.. my love, my love, my love – she keeps me warm!

Heart sh*t


I have a big big problem and a really have to write about it now (..) First of all, usually I’m defenetly not into this feelings and falling in love stuff but now I’m freaking going crazy! So here is my story:

I haven’t ever had a real realition ship yet. Normaly I sometimes have fun with boys or girls or both and maybe I don’t even know them then. It starts with flirting at a party and then they’re going before breakfast. Or I know a good friend from school or from friendfriends and then we start doing it from time to time and if you don’t want them no longer you can just tell them and it’s no problem. That’s defenetly not off everyones business but I’m living my youth a lot at the moment and normally I enjoy it.. and now to the big point:

A few month ago my best friend (she’s more into love and relationships) fell in love with a boy named Heyden and as usual she introduced me to the guys they’re hanging out with, which they were basically the best friends from Heyden. Before she did that she bragged how hot I were.. she always does that *o* (…) To me it’s uccostomed that boys (only?) see me as a sexobject and commonly I like that because sex is what I want! There was one guy who was really stubborn but I gave him only a kiss and ignored his harassment ^^ and then there was the other guy which I didn’t really notice in the beginning, I only knew he was in a relationship and when we were at a party with the group we started talking, also about his girlfriend and that he’s not happy and that emotional he’s single since a few weeks. Without having a rude idea behind I told him to break up because it’s not fair, if he doesn’t love her anyways and so did he.. A few days later when his best friends were on holiday we texted and he asked me if I have loss to hang out because he’s bored and I was up to help him through his break up then so I told him to come around and when he was at mine he seemed to be happy and to have no problem and he all the time reassured me that everything is alright. So we were just chillin out two or three times and I was really honestly not up to any bad when he suddenly kissed me.. HE KISSED ME?? I fucking shit myself!! That was defenetly newland for my ass and I didn’t know what to do. Every next time when we met I just kept playing this game and nothing really appreciably happend BUT my feelings! They were freaking out a little more by every minute..

I know that the boys in this group pretty much only connect me with sex because they’re talking veeeery openminded, but this guy is usualy more into feelings and the atmosphere when he’s with me is seriosly scaring me as fuck! First I only didn’t fuck with him because I wanted to clarify to the boys that I’m not a damn it slut but now I’m up to fly with him because I like him more.. realation ship-like-more.

I decided that it’s a try worth it and that I’m gonna make him mine and I was totally sure with my decision and then I realised that I do not even know what he thinks about it..

First of all I’m gonna get this boy laid!!

I know this was a little different kind of update that I usualy do and the end is very open but I don’t even know how this will go on.. and if I know, I’ll write!

Thinking about him..

Body fluids


Do you know that, when you wake up in the morning and you feel something wet in your panties? Me too. And we’re used to think this is normal.. and I really do think it is. But why do so many girls so stubborn try to stop it? It might smell a little weird from time to time but usually nobody notices without having their heads between your legs. And if they even smell it, it’s not to bad.. It’s nature, nobody would care about it and if anyone cares, fuck them!

But it’s not only about smegma, I know (heard) from some friends that girls (or boys) feel nauseated by sperm.. BY SPERM! What the hell is now wrong with you? Call me a weirdo but I think it’s defenetly normal. I mean I believe I think .. the girls they like it, the boys they like.. If you have a problem with a boys sperm, you can really seriosly drop having sex. To me it’s a not unimportant part of the whole sexuality stuff. And it’s even tasty I think, espacially when you’re horny, and that’s what you usualy are in this kind of situation.

I think I clarified my statement and I hope I got through to some of you. And to the girls about the smegma, I wisch I made your lives a little easier and I really want you to be more composedly about this topic, because let’s face it, we’re all just animals, not robots.. with the want to mate. It’s fucking nature!

And stop careing too much about what others could think when they smell you. Basically nobody gives a shit and if anyone does.. fuck them! A tiny little body smell is not naughty but aphrotisiac. (I’m not a biologist but I insist in this fact, becuase to me it works)

Peace 😉


F**k Hygiene

Do u know some of these damn it hygiene-freaks? To me it is so annoying if I see someone in the bus tryna not touch the rod because of some little bactaria or germs on em even though they’re falling on the ground if they don’t. And then when they leave the bus they’re instantly using some desinfectant gel stuff.. what’s wrong with u guys? Are u fucking dieing because of touching a rod or even a doorhandle? I really need to hold my emotions back when I hear a girl say that she’s never actually sitting on a public toilet or that she’s constantly wearing some of these weird panty inlays. I mean what are panties there for? Getting dirty! Otherwise u wouldn’t need to wash them. And second, are u straight getting a fungal infection if ur sitting on a loo, how the fuck can u have sex than? Or even hug someone ^^

Life must be so hard like this and I think this is what they call karma, but I’m getting pissed of when I hear that bullshit or see someone following this golden Hygiene-rules, so can u please stop being such hygiene-morons and live like normal people?

Thank u.

The Intro

Hey guys,

so I think first I should introduce myself to all who wants to know. My name is Jules and I’m from Germany. I’m doing this here for many reasons. 1. I’d like to get a better english.. even better ^^ 2. I want to have kind of a survey about all the topics which are making me think about it and sometimes when I’m bored or not .. I need to write down how I feel and what makes me feel like .. This won’t be only in texts

Might not sound too interessting yet, but I’m trying to get into commercial important topics and maybe also things, u can’t talk about with any person

Hope you’ll enjoy